in the OWoD, for the Camarilla based game, I have no idea what I'm going to make. Anyone need an MC 11 support PC? Any recruiter types out there? I can't have him be an elder in Fresno because of 'complications.'

OWoD thinkings...

So, I'm going with the Ventrue Turncoat idea. Started working on the PC tonight.. and man, them points go by quick, don't they? I'm still working on the rough idea, still need to figure out *why* be betrayed the Cam.

Other than that... work sucks, and Lost is great.

D&D is good, my phone is great. NWoD stuff is pretty much non-existent.

My hard drive crashing is freaking AWFUL. But, me being able to take it in stride is pretty good.

and my mom underwent surgery this week, and seems to be doing fine. I'm going to go up and see her this weekend.

Cam ponderings

So, I guess I should start trying to make connections or something for V:tM

To be honest, I'm really having a lot of trouble getting into it... or anything Cam related. My ability to become the white noise of the Cam is kind of getting annoying. I mean, I know I don't have the time, or the schedule, to keep up with the big boys. Still, I wish I had a bit more impact on the game.

anyway, enough emo crap.

So, here are some of the ideas I'm thinking of...

For Sabbat:
A Bruja anti drill sergeant, in charge of the shovel heads.
a Ventrue (Non anti) who recently betrayed the Cam, and joined the Sabbat.
a recent shovel head who gets visions, and hears music in his head. (Think, Lilin recruit)

For Cam
Remaking Ez, my Gangrel white trash werewolf guy. (But... I'm using my Ez voice for Preacher)
A Tremere with no Thaum... except Anti-Thaum
a smarmy, but really well meaning FoS (I have the red hair after all.)

For the independent:
Really, no idea. Just going to make a something Anarch.I really doubt there's going to be a local Indi game.

movie reivews

I haven't posted in a while... so here's a few of my more recent reviews...

sadly, a good deal of them may be lost forver... because the AM producers don't like to do their jobs... ***ggrrr**

Here's Avatar... for some reason, YouTube will not let me Embed the video...

Both my year in review, and my review of "up in the air" are lost....

so, next up is "Day Breakers" only had a Pass or Fail on that one...

and Book of Eli...


Pretty much sums it up.

Just, in general... nothing going on right now.

In fact, I should update you all on stuff, considering how rare my posts are...

so, first off, the "relationship" that I was working on in my last posts is no more. Has not been for some time, I've just been slacking. In fact, in only lasted a few days after we tried to make it work again. Why? I have no idea. She just stopped answering my calls. My ego tells me, she had a better offer, or simply realized that I wasn't what she thought I was. either way, I'm not losing sleep. In the end, I gained more than I lost.

On the health front, I've kept my blood somewhere between the mid 80s, to the 120 area (depending on what I ate, and when I worked out.) My weight has been bouncing between 135 - 140 for the past month, but some of that is muscle, i think, because I've switched up to weight training. nothing too crazy, just some 5 lbs weights, with a rep set my Diabetes book recommends. Oh, and my walks have become mostly (slow) jogs now.

I picked up a new phone. A HTC Droid Eris. Due to a couple of really great deals, I actually got it for free, so that's great. It's really freaking sweet, and it's eliminated my need to use my computer as much. So, if you want to hit me up, I'm on GChat, twitter, and AOL, as RonEdens (Google is RonPEdens)

Work... sucks... I'm producing the 7 & the 11 now. not fun. not fun at all. So, I'm currently in the "looking for a new job" mode.